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About XCRA

When we retired from Xerox, most of us said that what we would miss the most was the great people with whom we worked.

The Xerox Canada Retiree Association (XCRA) is built on the premise that each of us can stay connected to these great people, without work getting in the way.

The XCRA enthusiastically accepts Members who are XCL Retirees as well as XCL employees who are being bridged to retirement at a later date.

The XCRA enables a communications network with Retirees

At the national level, our goal is to provide an exciting social network that will keep all of us interested and involved.

Nationally, we stay connected through one or two newsletters each year, website information and announcements. At the local level, Region Presidents use email and our website to communicate with members, to update them on local events and to share information.

The XCRA maintains a vital communications link with Xerox Canada.

  • We have a tradition of open communications with Xerox on matters that have potential impact on us.
  • Xerox executives frequently speak at our Annual meetings and we are often invited to Xerox kickoffs.
  • Xerox Canada has a tradition of providing funding that helps support our social activities.
  • When Xerox Canada participates in marketing promotional offers, they make them available to us.
  • Xerox Canada generously supports us by allowing use of the Xerox Learning Center by our National Board.
  • Xerox participates in IMAGINE Canada, an umbrella organization designed to foster charitable and volunteer programs across Canada.
  • We collect the volunteer hours that retirees contribute and they are added to the XCL employee volunteer hours giving us national publicity for our involvement.
  • Retiree groups across Canada work with local Xerox employees to support initiatives such as the Mel Thompson 2009 cross-Canada bicycle trip to increase awareness of mental health issues.

The XCRA is a social network with 4 purposes:

  1. To provide a sense of community where we can stay connected to great people with whom we have shared experiences over many years of working at Xerox.
  2. To make new friends in a community of people with shared backgrounds and interests.
  3. To provide opportunities to learn and grow together as we all move through this great adventure called retirement.
  4. To maintain and nurture communications and information sharing with Xerox.

At the local level in XCRA communities across Canada, we get together for coffee, social events, sports activities and trips.

When things are difficult, we are there to help each other. We drive friends to medical appointments; we ensure that social contact is maintained; and we are the friends we always were.

At the national level, we facilitate communication networks to support local endeavors.

Please consider getting involved with the XCRA

Across Canada, we have over 1,200 members. Please take a moment to invite a fellow retiree out for coffee. Get in touch with the XCRA President in your area (their names are listed on the website) to discuss potential opportunities for fun events. Volunteer to help organize an event. Use your social network to encourage other members to get involved and attend events.

We can all make a difference! Let’s do it!!