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1) How do I gain access to the XCRA website ?  (CLICK QUESTION TO OPEN PROCESS)

2) Is there a cost to register ?  Registration is free for every formally retired Xerox Canada employee. Employees on Salary continuance up to their retirement date are most welcome to join the XCRA.

3) How do I find my Regional contact ?  (CLICK QUESTION TO OPEN PROCESS)

4) How do I change my User Name ?   Post a note requesting your user name change by selecting  'FORUM' / 'NEW TOPIC'  You can change your 'Name' under the 'LOGON' / 'MY ACCOUNT' area but you cannot change your 'User Name'. (The programmer will need to update your User Name until it can be user controlled.)     All email address changes should be sent to your Regional contact (names listed in #3 above) to ensure you will continue to receive any important XCRA related announcements.