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  Xerox Canada Retiree Association 


We know that the XCRA website and membership system is new for members who were used to the old system. We will continue to enhance this section with guides and videos to help you transition. We are there to assist you so you may contact us if you have more questions or suggestions.

Quick Start Set Up Guide - Part 1 - Set up New Credentials - Video 

This 3 minute video shows legacy members of the old XCRA system how to set up their profile and update their personal information. This will allow them to access the Members Only section where newsletters, important forms and links and other information is stored. Updated Dec 2022.

View Part 1 of Setup Process

Quick Start Set Up Guide - Part 2 - Upgrade your membership level - Video 

XCRA members were pre-loaded with a Basic membership. To support the XCRA with a fee-based membership, follow the steps in this 2 minute video.

Access VIEW PROFILE once you have logged in. Then change MEMBERSHIP LEVEL.

View Part 2 of Setup Process

Quick Start Set Up Guide - Add a Photo - Video 

XCRA members can update their profile with a personalized photo. This video is just under 1 minute.

View Add a Photo Process

Quick Start Set Up Guide - How to use the system to Send Messages to another member - Video 

XCRA members can send private messages to other members via the system without knowing email addresses. This video will show you how in under 3 minutes.

View Send Messages

Set Up Guide - Part 1 & 2 Combined - PDF

XCRA members who were part of the old system were pre-loaded into the new website. However, they need to generate new credentials and set up a new profile. 

Open PDF

Set Up Guide - Parts 1 & 2 Combined- Video (Updated Dec 2022)

This is the video version of the Start Up Guide above. To watch this 5 minute video, click on the button below.  

If you were a member of the former XCRA website, the instructions in this video apply to you. Remember: your login ID is the email we have on file.

View Complete Setup Process Video

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