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  Xerox Canada Retiree Association 

 XCRA is an important organization that  provides a voice for more than 2000 Canadian retirees. We encourage our friends and colleagues to get reacquainted via online & live social forums  

- Chris Punnett
XCRA President

 Protect Xerox Canada Retirees' Defined Benefits Pension Plans

XCRA is taking an active role to understand, influence and communicate Xerox Canada plans for funding, investment policy, and identification of major risks

 Champion Xerox Canada Retirees' Benefits Plan

XCRA supports the continuation of the comprehensive benefit plan with Xerox Canada and will proactively attempt to understand and react to changes.

 Provide and encourage opportunities for member interaction

XCRA has always been a social organization that provides and encourages opportunities for member interaction. Along with our membership, XCRA also celebrates the lives of long term friends we have lost.

 Maintain an Ongoing and Positive Relationship with Xerox Canada

XCRA acts as a conduit when national escalations are required between Xerox Canada and our membership. We also keep up-to-date with Xerox’Canada's performance, tracking activities that may impact us.

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